Figure A:  Workpackages 1-6 mapped onto the documented requirements for future aircraft propulsion.

The research programme is organised into six main technical workpackages (WPs) plus one additional WP (WP7)  binding these together. Each WP is being led by one institution and has co-investigators from the company itself and from the other Universities.

                    WP1:                              High power-density contacts.

                    WP2:                             Impact and Intelligent Failure Management.

                    WP3:                             Dynamic Response & Load Management.

                    WP4:                             Exploiting Aero-structural Interactions.

                    WP5:                             Innovations in Thermal Management.

                    WP6:                            Capitalising on Electro-Mechanical Interactions.

Lead: Prof. D. Hills at Oxford.

Lead: Dr. A. Pellegrino at Oxford.

Lead: Dr. C. Schwingshackl at Imperial C.

Lead: Dr. S. Staplefeldt at Imperial College

Lead: Dr. C. Eastwick at Nottingham.

Lead: Prof. S. D. Garvey at Nottingham.

Separately from the individually listed WPs, a programme management activity will run from the start of the project.