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January 20th, 2023|

Up and Coming Event 2019

  • Over 73 person years from Nov 2017 to Sept 2022 (excluding Key Investigators)
  • £4.8M contribution by Rolls-Royce and £1.2M from the Universities
  • Matched with £6M from EPSRC -> £12M (or £13.5 FEC)

Six research WPs\themes:

  • Theme 1: High power-density contacts
  • Theme 2: Impact and Intelligent Failure Management
  • Theme 3: Dynamic Response & Load Management
  • Theme 4: Exploiting Aero-structural Interactions
  • Theme 5: Innovations in Thermal Management
  • Theme 6: Capitalising on Electro-Mechanical Interactions
  • Theme 7: Cross Theme integration
June 12th, 2019|